This is a peek into some of work I’ve been creating over the last few years – from weddings and events, collaborations and installations to smaller personal projects. A snapshot portfolio can also be found in the gallery section.



I was commissioned to create a permanent organic installation at Aviano. On one side of the space, the tall windows were crying out for greenery but kept perishing in the intense Denver Sun. I created multiple no–maintenance pieces but added a botanical feel and softened the space, echoing the interior bathed in murals from Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist Hagop Belian, known for his totems that represent the merging of humans with their respective spirit animals.



On an Icelandic horse farm in Claverack, NY, with views across the Catskill Mountains, my water source was a horse trough that was constantly refilled via a tractor driven by the unstoppable Johanna, owner of the family run property. This story was all about texture and form. Working closely with Linda Honan, Art Director and good friend of the couple, we were keen to avoid ‘pretty’ and aim for unusual and elegant with a little twist. Playing with scale and height, I hoped every guest would sit and discover something unique at their place; an acorn, a craning bloom, a miniature fern touching their place card or a bold orchid specimen.



//mhmraw Denver + Boulder was launched last year – a new magazine with Art, Design, Architecture, Personalities & Real Estate all tossed into a blender with a bohemian lens. It was such a thrill to be included in this incredible first issue in collaboration with fellow florists Kelly Ernst and Paulina Buckley, with beautiful images shot by Kelsey Huffer of Poppy and Co, highlighting the growing genre of florists combining freelance work with their own art & brand. As a trio, we created a sculptural installation on the exterior and then individually focused on a floral moment inside. For read further head to



Claudia and Ryan were keen to avoid a predictable ‘pretty’ wedding look and wanted something more contemporary and striking. Pops of dark Aubergine and deep Crimson punctuated the tropical white and green. The result was a luxurious, organic look that was not too ‘beachy’ as the venue had stunning panoramic views that spoke for themselves. I loved the clear vision Claudia had and took great pleasure in pulling it all together.



Set in the Southern highlands in NSW, an Aussie girl and a British boy got married. Suspensions of olive branch, camellia, asparagus fern and bundles of Babies breath and Smilax vine, dotted with hanging glass votives created an intimate canopy over the guests. The bride and I had foraged the coastline a few days previously and collected Spinifex, sculptural star-like grasses, and the softest cattail grasses with pale pink tips; these combined with garden roses, miniature orchids and Antherium added a sculptural softness. It was an honour to be with them on an amazing day.