Project Description

Pollack Eastwood Wedding

Claverack, NY, USA

Set on top of a hill, on an Icelandic horse farm in Claverack, NY, my water source a horse trough that was kindly refilled by tractor countless times by the unstoppable Johanna, owner of the family run property, with views across to the Catskill Mountains. This was my workspace.

This story was all about texture and form.

Working closely with Adrian and Matt and Linda Honan, their good friend and art director, we were keen to avoid ‘pretty’ and aim for unusual and elegant with a little twist. In my mind this was a chance to create a botanical laboratory on the tables, the elements to look as if they were growing organically around and out of vessels, moss and roots exposed, tiny vines appearing as if they had been creeping for some time.

Playing with scale and height, I hoped every guest would sit and discover something unique at their place; an acorn, a tall bloom stretching up to the light, a miniature fern touching their place card or an orchid specimen that they hadn’t noticed – the added element of surprise and wonder.