Project Description

Paulina Loft Launch

Paulina Loft is an incredible new venue in Chicago, housed in an old marble factory. The client, Danielle Wheeler of Maison Cuisine, wanted to keep to the palette of Green and Pink. I was very drawn to the idea of beauty and the beast, juxtaposing the soft, blousy garden roses and blooms with snarly carnivorous plants and sculptural leaves to add a contemporary edge.

There were 6 groupings of suspensions with a mix of Venus fly traps, sarracenias, Phalaenopsis orchids, Tillandsias, maiden hair ferns and other smaller foliage, above each cocktail table and the bar. While I was gazing up during the evening, it appeared as if they were having their own conversation, the Rose head craning to hear a whisper, the stem stretching to meet the Orchid. Each element of the suspension was created in such a way that it had longevity and, if maintained, would last just like a houseplant.