Project Description

The Nortons

Las Vegas, USA

Too much fun to be had in Vegas when friends are getting married and turning 40! As I was flying in from Chicago, a lot of the blooms and candles, having made countless phone calls and sent emails, had to be pre-ordered and delivered directly to the venue.

I picked up a few more supplies when I arrived – this is one of my favorite things to do when working in new destination; to see where the real grind goes on. In Las Vegas, well beyond the strip, seeking out the flower markets, buying sundries at a supplier, or prepping in the bowels of a huge hotel, I think that is where you see the real city, the countless people spinning the wheels seamlessly to make the whole machine work.

The bride, Philippa, loved Purples, Aubergines and rich jewel colours, her dress was a dusty mauve so we decided on a bright, textured arrangement with little greenery to keep the colours strong. As I was leaving very early the morning after the wedding, the vessels had to either be left for the restaurant to use or packed up by myself later after the wedding so we decided to use very few vases and create long and low arrangements. Succulents were tucked low into the flowers and at eye level to contrast with the bright tulips, carnations and Hydrangea. Candles were everywhere, creating a twinkling light, and were perfect as we opened the doors to the pool side. Not a lot of sleep and a lot of great memories!