Project Description

Ngolle Pokossis

Chicago, USA

A balmy August day in Chicago, prepping for this event at the top of a sky scraper, looking north up the beaches of Lake Michigan was so memorable. Myself, the bride and groom and the ‘best lady’ had a lot of fun during the preparation the day before, even having lunch on the roof (beautifully prepared by the groom) and taking a second to watch the boats.

Following the ceremony, the bride and groom had planned an intimate dinner for close friends and family at RM Champagne bar in the city and then a garden party the following day so we utilized the arrangements for both events. An eclectic mix of dried and fresh blooms, succulents, and foliage, the final result being these bright, textural color-popping arrangements that would be lasting and work across both venues. As the family was placing them the following day, I wanted them to be able to do so with ease, with the idea was that each arrangement could work with any other, like a simple jigsaw.