Occasionally I freelance for a local event florist, Ananda Breslof of Flowerlife Chicago, and always have a great experience doing it. For this event, I headed to New York solo as Ananda had a concurring event on in Chicago. The University of Notre Dame  College hall is just off 5th Avenue, a grand old building behind the Peninsula hotel. The event was a dinner for ‘Athletes on Wall Street’  in a beautiful banquet room.

There were alternating arrangements on the tables. Glass bell jars with Notre Dame memorabilia and foliage alternated with green and white arrangements.

The fiddle heads seemed to personalize the arrangements somehow and when I posted them on my Facebook page I gave them names like ‘cheeky’ and ‘bashful’ and friends started commenting on how animalistic they seemed  – they saw birds, fish, crickets, and peacocks.