Everything about the flower fascinates me; their transient nature, the perfect imperfections  & the unique ability to convey a message that words alone cannot express.
Hand made bark and paper crown made whilst assisting stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk (for Country Style magazine). Photo credit: Pia Jane Bijkerk

Jules established her own business in 2014 – A small, creative studio specialising in unique florals with a natural aesthetic, focussing equal attention on the greenery and sculptural elements as the blooms. Her time is divided between the studio, freelance work and on location for various clients. The studio is by appointment only and bouquets must be pre-ordered for delivery. Travelling for the past 14 years has had a huge influence on the way she lives and works – raised in England, lived in Sydney, Australia for 10 years, spent 4 years in Chicago, and now resides in Denver, Colorado; all of the movement has shaped her creativity and she constantly draws from this diverse melting pot of influences.

With more than 12 years experience in floral design, Jules works closely with clients (remotely and in person) to provide them with a personalised service that is completely tailored to their needs. She believes in taking a holistic approach to ensure that any event is seamless & continues to expand a diverse and often unique portfolio of events and locations, interstate and globally. Julia Gordon caters for everything from hand-delivered bouquets, styling for shoots, corporate clients, large-scale installations and weddings.

If not based in Colorado or the USA and you wish to enlist our services, we love to travel and do so whenever possible. To set up a consultation or for other enquiries please contact julesgordoninbox@gmail.com